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U2 3D – sur scène avec Bono

sur scène avec Bono

U2 3D – dans la foule

U2 3D - dans la foule

U2 3D – Bono



Le film

“U2 3D” is a unique cinematic experience that puts viewers within the pulsatiing energy of a stadium concert given by the world’s most popular band.

Marrying innovative digital 3D imagery and 5.1 Surround Sound with the excitement of a live U2 concert –- shot in South America during the final leg of the band’s “Vertigo” tour –- it creates an immersive theatrical experience unlike any 3D or concert film that has come before. “U2 3D” takes viewers on an extraordinary journey they will never forget.


Press review


“Eyepopping…gives the audience the palpable experience of being present, as the camera swivels around Bono’s face, then soars over and down among the 60,000 concertgoers.”
International Herald Tribune/NY Times

“At one point, U2’s lead singer Bono reaches out towards the 3D camera and looks as if he is about to step into the cinema”

“I saw U2 3D and I thought that the 3D effects were not just remarkable but historic…the film has ushered in a new era for 3D”
Frank Miller (writer of Sin City & 300)



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