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brush with genius

Moi Van Gogh – carnet

Moi, Van Gogh / croquis

Moi, Van Gogh – Champs de blé aux corbeaux

Tableau champs au corbeau

Moi, Van Gogh – autoportrait

Moi, Van Gogh – Eglise d’Auvers sur Oise

Eglise d'Auvers


The movie

Plunge into the heart of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings and retrace the artist’s life as we read his letters and take in the beautiful locations that inspired him. Discover the fantastic colors and distinctive brushwork of a genius, far removed from the “tragic artist” image which he is known.

Relive van Gogh’s life, from the time of his first canvases at the age of 27 to his death in 1890.  The film covers the surprisingly short 9-year period of the artist’s career during which he painted more than 900 paintings.  From the Netherlands to Auvers-sur-Oise, and passing through Arles, Saint-Rémy and Paris, we follow van Gogh’s footsteps and journey through the landscapes that inspired some of the most important works in art history.   From the dazzling yellow of van Gogh’s cornfields to the deep blue of his famous night sky, the vibrant palette of one of the world’s most dazzling painters lights up the giant screen.



“The comparison between the painted and celluloid-caught landscapes becomes truly breathtaking in IMAX….”
The Hollywood Reporter

“A sensory bath of paint and light.”
The Boston Globe

“…a roller coaster of imagery that astounds and moves us, still.”
Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY

“…extraordinary depth and gorgeous visuals…Van Gogh doesn’t need rock music or 3D to hold viewers of his works spellbound…you need not be a van Gogh aficionado to become a fan of this film… ”
Quad City Times, Davenport, IA

“…a priceless resource for any teacher interested in giving students insight into the part that passion and determination play in art or any other endeavor. Visually beautiful—you expect that from IMAX-type movies—but it’s also thoughtful and deeply moving….”
The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO

About the filmakers

François Bertrand
Film producer and technical director
General Manager of Camera Lucida productions and Post-camera, a high-definition production facility. Many of his productions have been selected in the world’s most renowned festivals and are co- produced by museums.

Vincent Mathias
Director of photography
Specialized in high-quality moivies. He made the cover of the “Cahiers du Cinema” (French cinematic magazine) for it’s special issue on cinema and museums.

Peter Knapp
Senior art director
He was behind the artistic conception of ELLE Magazine.
Photographer for the Sunday Times, Stern, Vogue, Elle Magazine, Marie-Claire
Film director : fourty films for the television programme DIM DAM DOM

Armand Amar
Has collaborated on several films by writing the soundtrack for, among others, “La Terre Vue du Ciel”, “Go, See and Become” or “Days of Glory”. He worked twice with the director Costa-Gavras: Amen, The Chopper, and was nominated for a Caesar in the category of best musical score for the film Amen in 2003.

Marie Sellier
She has written several films dedicated to iconic painters and sculptors, she has created several collections of art books and has written forty odd works privileging a sensitive approach to the art and the artists. She is Chevalier des arts et des lettres (Order of Arts and Literature).

Jacques Gamblin
He has played in films by directors such as Claude Chabrol, Shohei Imamura, or Bertrand Tavernier. For his performance in laissez-passer he obtained « the best actor » award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002. He has also acted in several theatre productions including “Les diablogues”
He embodies the voice of Vincent van Gogh in the film.

Hélène Seuzaret
She plays the part of Ellen in the film, a curator.
Even though we were able to film the original documents, letters, drawings and sketchbooks, for safety reasons, we were unable to shoot wide shots in the vault. We built a second vault in a studio and Hélène embodied Ellen, a young lady delving into the correspondence of Vincent van Gogh.

More about Van Gogh


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