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The movie

MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD introduces us to trail-blazing researchers who are pushing the envelope with technologies that peer with increasing clarity into these invisible realms.

The discoveries portrayed in the film are culled from those happening today in cutting-edge laboratories around the world, where existing and emerging technologies are giving science exciting new images of long-hidden worlds. The setting and story are pure entertainment, but the science is breathtakingly real.



La Géode Festival

To celebrate its 30th birthday, La Géode organize a film festival dedicated to the spectacular 15/70mn and 3D large format documentaries. During 3 months audiences will have the privilege to discover many unreleased movies together with Best-of movies of the past decade and special events.

Time trip to Ice age, diving with great white sharks, immersion into invisible worlds, meeting with the Lemurs in Madagascar…discovery and sensations will be there for all age groups.

Spectators will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite film in order to award the Public’s Choice prize. The awarded film will be released at La Géode in October !

This spring, more than ever, La Géode will be the place to be for a unique and ultimate movie experience.

30 years, 30 films, a festival of sensations…at the max !



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