Thanks to its screen of 1000 m ², the Geode immerses the pupils in the heart of the images in large format Imax or in 3D.
This sensational experiment is a new opportunity to observe and to understand the natural and scientific mechanisms. Instructive and spectacular, every movie so allows to approach in a playful way several complex notions.

An unforgettable experience !

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A wonderful and fun trip !

Thanks to its hemispherical giant screen, to the oblique arrangement of its armchairs, and to the power of its sound system (21 000 watts!), La Géode give the pupils the impression to be “in” the movie. A unic experience  in  Imax 180 ° or in digital 2D or 3D .



A fun access to serious questions

Every movie raises number of funny riddles : why do the orphan baby elephants need solar cream? What ‘s the use of a bone in the eye, when we are a marine vertebrate ? How can a big-as-a-giraffe reptile take off ? Is it true that a polar bear can swim several hundreds of kilometers in the ice water? Why Vincent van Gogh liked so much the yellow colour ?…

So many opportunities  to arouse the curiosity of the pupils and approach with them the problems of  biodiversity, adaptation in the middle, evolution,paleontology, the ladder of geologic time, environment, notion of strength, mechanical energy, art history….. All the documentaries programmed in La Gèode habe been produced with the support of recognized scientists.